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Restoration: How to Start Fresh and Embrace Change in a New Season

April is the month of restoration. April signifies a fresh start, a new season, a “new year” and a new quarter. April, the English term, comes from the Latin Aprilis, the name given to the month by the ancient Romans. It is unclear why the Romans named it as they did. Some Roman authors thought Aprilis was related to the Latin verb aperire which means "to open," because in the month of April, leaves and flowers bloom or are opened. Another theory is that the name was based on Apru, an Etruscan form of the name of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

I've spent these first two weeks of April catching my breath and reflecting, radically of course, on what an awesome first quarter of the year it has been. There were challenges but there were also victories and moments of pure unspeakable joy. I started the year off listening to the book, "The 12-Week Year." I created a chart with each week listed and would make it a habit at the end of the week to literally write down my wins and lessons. Check out a screenshot of my list. I used highlighter colors to show whether I'd completed or met that goal in green. I used orange for those still a work in progress. Ultimately, I wanted to see a visual tracking of all the things that I'd accomplished or made strides forward with along with the lessons I'd learned along the way. These things ranged from meal prepping, to weight loss goals, to finances, and even posting here to the blog and my social media platforms consistently, I am still working on that. 🤗

Now, take a few deep breaths. Use the box breathing technique or use the gif below to take some deep breaths before learning how you can start fresh and embrace change in a new season.

Here are 10 Affirmations to Restore and Reset:

  1. I am intentional about making time to restore and reset.

  2. I am no longer putting the needs of others above my own.

  3. I am listening to my body.

  4. I prioritize rest and I will take breaks.

  5. I allow myself to daydream and to reimagine my life.

  6. I will celebrate all the victories, small and big.

  7. I am intentional about making time to unplug.

  8. I will lean into my community/village and ask for help or support when I need it without feeling guilty or ashamed.

  9. I will remove things and relationships that are no longer serving me.

  10. I am intentional about setting and sticking to my boundaries.

Remember, rest and time for restoration are necessary in order for us to pour out into the world. Rest is radical and shows your commitment to choosing to love yourself radically. Allow this new season as a time to plant seeds, to do some pruning and watering, and then, to watch those seeds bloom! 💐

With love,

Image is the text, "Teryn Denae" followed by an image of red lips


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