About Me

I’m the friend you can’t have on speakerphone. I’m Teryn Denae, a twenty-four-year-old born and raised in Atlanta, GA and I have a lot to say!


I’m a recent-ish college grad from The University of Alabama where I received my BA in Political Science and minored in African American studies and what seems like a concentration in social justice. I am currently a second year J.D. Candidate at one of the few Historically Black Law Schools in the country!

This blog started as just a way for me to express my love of politics, my community, traveling, and my challenges in adulting. We talk about it all. For Black Girls Who Have A Lot to Say is for us, the ones with no filter and even the ones who thought it but didn’t say it out loud (or did). It’s the intersection of figuring shit out, while also living your best-informed life. 

Want to collaborate or just say hey, reach out,I can't wait! 

In Power,

Teryn Denae 💋

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Image is a photo of Teryn sitting on steps with a grey dress, fatigue jacket, and red shoes.