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About IToldYaSo Media

IToldYaSo Media started as a way for our Founder, Teryn Denae, to express her love of media, the community,  and challenges in adulting while Black. We are now evolving to be a media and advocacy powerhouse! Through our content, our partnerships, and our advocacy, we have been able to impact communities globally, from Hawaii to Saudi Arabia, from Atlanta to Washington state. 


Our movement is to make sure Black and Brown folks feel empowered to love themselves radically and to transform their communities at the same damn time through representation in the media to philanthropic work. IToldYaSo Media  is for us, the ones with no filter and even the ones who thought it but didn’t say it out loud,  but especially for the ones who did.

Welcome to the movement, y'all! ✊🏾✨

In Power,

IToldYaSo Team💋

Contact Us:

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