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10 Affirmations for Springing Forward 🌷

Daylights savings time can be used to "formally" signify the start of a new season, our clocks "spring forward" an hour, springing forward adds extra light to our days. To spring means to be resilient or elastic, to dart or shoot or to move or jump suddenly. Forward means ready or strongly inclined, situated in advance, near, or belonging to the forepart. I don't know about you, but I absolutely love Spring, more daylight, fresh new flowers and blooms all around, and the kickoff of a new season.

In my book, Radical Self-Love, A Self-Love Workbook, I talk about some lessons that I have learned from plants. During the pandemic, my mommy and I really allowed ourselves to slow down and to unplug, and we took up gardening. For years, we'd watched and seen and learned from our aunt Faye and uncle Tony and from my granny about the do's and don'ts of gardening.

Growing up, I did not really understand why they loved it so much and why they were faithful in their care for the plants with each season. I begrudgingly helped to landscape the yards of family friends and to help water the plants in the cool of the mornings before the heat of the day. From tomato plants and pepper plants, and even watermelons, I grew up watching the process of gardening/farming, but it was not until COVID, when everything stopped, that I really got it.

Mommy and her succulent babies in the nursery

My mommy and I saw just how resilient and resourceful plants are and we learned a new type of patience and rewards that we got from sowing seeds and nurturing our plants, literally, and we often reflect on those lessons and apply them to our everyday lives. I realized the historical and economic tradition and power of Black farmers and its impact on our culture across the diaspora, but more on that later.

Post-bar exam life has been treating me well, because I have been catching up on all the shows that I have been saving up to watch with little to no interruptions. I absolutely love tv and movies and documentaries (lol), more so because I am working on creating my own shows and documentaries, so I am always interested in the process of creating the perfect show that is relatable and funny, and informative.

Image is of Jamila Norman, Patchwork City Farms courtesy of Discovery
Jamila Norman, Patchwork City Farms

Anyway, I started watching Homegrown, about a Black woman engineer and farmer in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Jamila Norman, is getting to the root (literally) of how we can cultivate spaces of community and transform living spaces into spaces full of life and growth, full of fruits and intentionality. Check Jamila out on Instagram and be sure to stream Homegrown, new season coming soon!

Here are 10 Affirmations for Springing Forward:

10 Affirmations for Springing Forward 🌷

I am springing forward in this season.

 I am moving forward with audacity in this season, even when I've never seen it done, even when I am nervous, and even when it seems that I am alone.

I am moving forward with intentionality.

I am a winner.

I am letting go of things that happened in the past and using them as teaching tools instead of allowing myself to be held hostage by them.

I am allowing moments to slow down and to "smell the flowers" by giving gratitude throughout the day and naming something that I see, hear, smell, and feel/touch.

I am extending grace to myself and others as I enter a season of renewal and fresh starts.

I am evolving and blooming.

I am sowing seeds daily and am expecting and believing for a great harvest.

 I am springing forward!

Let us know in the comments, what are you affirming this week? I cannot wait to see all the fruits you will bear in the next few days and weeks.

With love,

Image of "teryn denae" with red ips in black and red font


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The affirmations were everything! This word blessed me! I loved the illustration when you spoke about sowing seeds and then watering them! Using this as my guide as I navigate through the week!! Thank you for this beautiful message!!

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