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5 Ways to Incorporate Intentionality into Your Daily Routine

#1 Write Sh*t Down

One of the ways that I keep track of the many moving pieces of life, is by writing shit down. I will write reminders and tasks on post-it notes, in a spiral notebook, a legal pad, you name it, if it is something that I want and need to remember, I write it down. I also love to write important dates, tasks, and appointments on my google calendar. Google calendar not only helps you to track all the things that you have to do on a day-to-day basis, but it can sync across your devices and send you reminders and alerts! Check out my TikTok videos on how I use Google calendar to manage my life.

#2 Set deadlines

Setting deadlines comes with some serious discipline. Not only do you need to be firm with yourself and others about deadlines, but you actually have to do the work to meet the deadlines that are set. Setting deadlines includes picking a date that gives you (and others) enough time to complete the task(s) and allows time for follow up and edits. Setting deadlines helps to manage time, actually get through that to-do list and increases productivity.

#3 Speak positive things to yourself

Positive self-talk is crucial for living a well life. There is already so much negativity around us, the least we can do is to speak positively to ourselves. Some days, it may be harder than others to speak positively, but, it is shown that the more we express gratitude and acknowledge the good things that are happening to and/or around us, the more likely we are to reduce stress and have high self-esteem.

#4 Breathe 🌬

I am always taking a deep breath. Breathing deeply helps to slow our minds and bodies down and literally calms our nervous system. When I am feeling overwhelmed, which is often, I am very intentional about taking moments to breathe deeply. I enjoy doing a 5- minute guided breathing exercise or I will practice four-part-breathing at my own pace until I feel a little bit calmer. Check out my post on box breathing here to learn more about breathe work and how to calm down, one breath at a time.

#5 Keep On Movin'

The only way that you truly fail is if you give up. Some days, moving forward can look like getting out of bed, sometimes it may look like checking that big item off your to-do list, other times, it might be something right in the middle. No matter how big or small your moves forward are, just keep on moving. As cliche as it sounds, run your own race, don't compare your timeline to someone else's. This will almost immediately result in slowing you down and in some instances, stopping you altogether. Read my post on believing in yourself, here.

Take a deep breath. You got this. Those are my five ways to incorporate intentionality into your daily routine. Talk to me in the comments, what are some ways that you incorporate intentionality into your routine? What have you found works for you and what doesn't work as well? No judgment, we are all just trying to figure it out, moment by moment. Take some time to have a quick dance party to one of my mommy's songs. We love a motivational bop. 💃🏾

With love,


Holiday season is approaching, and my book, "Radical Self-Love: A Self-Love Workbook" is the perfect gift for you and your loved ones as we head into a new year. 🌀

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