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Believe in Yourself.✨

Last week, I published my very first book, grab your copy here. Within its first few days on the market, it became a #1 new release on Amazon! After years of talking or dreaming about taking writing seriously, I finally had published my first book and it would not have happened if I did not believe in myself.

Image is of a brown hand holding the book, Radical Self-Love: A Radical Self-Love Workbook.

I always knew I was a writer. Honestly, being raised by educators, I really had no choice. Growing up, my granny always encouraged me (and any other school-aged child) to write a paper about their experiences. Whether it was a family vacation or something cool we'd done, she always wanted me to write about it. Most times I would roll my eyes and complain about not wanting to write a paper. My mommy would laugh, but she didn't let me off the hook either. 'Til this day after every big experience I have, I can hear my granny telling me to write a paper about it and I do.

Image is of Teryn and her granny and family before her high school graduation.

This early discipline has helped me to express myself in ways that I may not have otherwise had the courage to. It helped me to reflect on the experiences I had, and it has proven to be not only an act of radical love, but a way of keeping and writing down our own stories, our own narratives, and literally writing history as it happens. Writing has always pushed me to truly believe in myself.

Anyway, this era I'm stepping into, I am affirming and believing that I am that girl. For so long, I have had ideas of who I was, and I knew what people said they saw in me, I even took many steps toward being her. Something about this twenty-sixth year has me like girl, you are her and you've always been her, you just have to believe it for yourself. Believe means to accept something as true or to feel sure about a thing. I believe that I am who God said I am. I believe I can do the things that I set out to do. I believe that there are no limits to my dreams and goals. Like Coach Prime said, "I believe."

There is a song in The Wiz, "Believe in Yourself," that I love. Lena Horne sings the song in the film version, which you can catch on #Netflix. I love the song so much, that not only do I regularly play it, but I've added it as motivation to some of my personally curated playlists, like my most recent that I created as a way to make it through when life--lifes. Listen to the playlist here. If you're a theater or musical fan, get your coins ready to see The Wiz, coming to a stage near you. After their multi-city tour, they will be taking the stage on Broadway. This is not even sponsored, but I am so excited about this production! 👏🏾 ✨

Believing in yourself looks like betting on yourself. It is knowing that you are worthy, that you are loved, and you are capable. Join the radical self-love movement and grab your copy of Radical Self-Love: A Self-Love Workbook. What is something that you are believing for?

Image is of Teryn wearing a white button up with a black tie and gold skirt holding her new book, Radical Self-Love: A Self-Love Workbook.

With love,

Image is a signature of Teryn's name, signed "Teryn Denae" with an image of red lips next to it.

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