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5 Practical Steps to Transform Your Goals into A Reality

Monday's ... Am I Right? It's that time of week of again, Monday! For me, Monday's are an opportunity to put our intentions [for the week] into action. Let's turning goals into reality, here are 5 practical steps to transform your goals into a reality. ✨

Step 1: Set Intentions

An intention is defined as a thing intended, an aim, or a plan. Generally, I am a planner. Some of it has to do with my type A personality and some of it with my need to have some control and a schedule. Each week, I like to set specific intentions for the week to include spiritual growth, physical growth, and mental/intellectual growth. For instance, this week, I set out or intend to do a 5-minute stretch each morning before work because I sit for most of the day and can feel some of the effects on my body. Then, I plan to spend 30 minutes or so of what I call, "Quiet Time." My quiet time includes prayer, worship, affirmations, and diving into the word via group bible plans on the Bible app and other physical devotionals. Finally, I set intentions to read more of something, to learn or sharpen a new skill, or to be consistent in a goal I have set for myself in the week's prior. Remember, intentions are aims or goals.

Step 2: Plan

Image is of a post-it note with the words, "You can do anything, but not everything."

Chile, you need to plan. For me, planning looks like pulling up my #googlecalendar, and looking at what is upcoming within the week. I consider things like my morning routine, lunch, reminders to drink water throughout the day, and of course deadlines and important tasks. My motto is to #writeshitdown. Writing things down allows for you to free yourself and your mind of trying to remember every little thing, and honestly with all that goes on in our day-to-day lives, it's impossible to remember everything. Writing things down allows you to keep track of tasks, responsibilities, progress, and reminders of things that are most important to you. I always advocate for the use of a planner or some kind of organizer where you can track your time and responsibilities. While I absolutely love a physical planner/calendar, mobile or online calendars can sync to your phone, send reminders, and can serve as basically a personal assistant.

Step 3: Just Start

Seriously, starting is both the hardest and easiest thing that you can do. The pressures of social media and comparison make us feel that when we start a thing, it has to be perfect, and that's not only false, but it hinders us from reaching our full potential. The truth is, the more you practice and are consistent at a thing, the more progress you will make. Just start the task, whether it's big or small. You want to improve your health? Start making small changes to your daily routines and start again, every single day. You want to grow spiritually, start spending time daily doing things that grow you spirtually. Just start.

Image is of a devotional, "Praying Through It."

Step 4: Consistency

Consistency comes from the Latin word, consistentia, which means to stand firm. Another meaning for consistency is harmony of conduct or practice. Consistency requires that we get specific about where we want to be and take small steps daily towards becoming that. Consistency looks like running your race and not comparing it to anyone else's.

Step 5: Grace

Finally, give yourself grace. Every day you won't feel like you've "met your goals" or feel the most consistent. Remember though, a part of loving yourself radically, means loving on yourself despite your circumstances, despite your feelings, and despite other people's expectations and measurements of you. Give yourself grace as you are becoming. Take steps daily, moment-by-moment to becoming all that you can be. Know that as long as you keep starting, every day, you are on the road to transforming your goals into a reality!


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With love,

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