Give Up the Shit That Weighs You Down.

Toni Morrison said, “If you wanna fly, you gotta give up the shit that weighs you down.” ✨

Life transitions are weird. You are not only always becoming, but so is everyone else. Sometimes evolution feels like you’re in this thing on your own, but you’re not! I'm a plant mom, and one thing about plants, they will let you know when something is no longer serving them, whether its where they're located, their watering routine, the soil they are in, or even the temperature. I learn so many lessons from plants.

Lessons from plants

Pruning is the process of clipping dead ends. Clipping the dead ends results in new growth and fruits. As I care for my plants, I learn so much about them, but so much about myself too. Like patience, plants require patience. Just like us, they have to adapt to their environments, but sometimes pruning isn't enough, and you realize the plant may be rootbound.

Root bound

A plant becomes rootbound when its roots no longer have room to expand or grow. If a plant becomes rootbound, it must be relocated to a new better suited pot. Just like plants, we too can become rootbound. We can begin to feel as if we no longer have room to grow or expand. It is then that we must also be relocated to a better suited pot. Lean into the changes or shifts in your environment, in your circles, in your career, and even in your mindset.


I have been reading the Believing Bigger devotional and it has truly changed my life. I spoke about it and the Faith Talks group chat on this post. By simply changing my mindset, I am exposed to believing bigger in every way. While believing bigger sounds great, it’s hard messy work.

Repotting can get messy, and downright dirty. Something my mommy and I laugh about the fact that sometimes after repotting, the plant might still die. Bummer. Even when you are in a new place, a new position in life, know that some things still must come to an end. The repotting process is messy. It can be extremely uncomfortable, it can even hurt, but after some TLC, the plant can go on to thrive, and bear many fruits or flowers, and so can you. ✨