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Black Dollaz Matter: My Favorite Black Women Owned Businesses

Image is of Teryn wearing several Black owned products.

If you know me, one of my all-time favorite things is a Black owned business. There is something that makes me so damn proud when I'm telling someone that something is #BlackOwned. I try to use, wear, read, and promote things that are made by us, for us. From teas, to hair products and skincare and even tv and films, I take #BlackDollaz very seriously.

This month marks Black Women's History Month. Black Women's History Month was created by fellow Georgia native, Sha Battle. She created Black Women’s History Month with the purpose of unifying the community by promoting visibility, education, empowerment, contribution and achievement of Black women, which positively impacts communities across the globe.  This year’s theme is: Black Women: Uplifting Each Other, Telling Our Stories, Honoring Our Legacies. For more information visit:

Growing up in the South, specifically, Atlanta, GA, and Birmingham, AL, I was entrenched in Black culture and Black economics. Early on I saw first hand what it looked like to build and sustain power in our communities. From agriculture and farming, to restaurants and child care, housing and laundromats, landscaping and carpentry services, to hair salons and dance studios. These spaces created empowerment and showed not only the wide-range of skills that we have, but that it was possible to be your own boss, to create things for your people, and to build Black wealth and power.

Here are a few of my favorite businesses, pioneered by Black women, many of whom I have gotten to meet personally and watch their evolutions! Cheers to #BlackDollaz 🥂✨

Buy Black, y'all, ✊🏾

Image is the text, "Teryn Denae" followed by an image of red lips

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