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Thank A Teacher! 🍎✨

Updated: May 8

I am a daughter of the South, a daughter of educators, and a third-generation college student. My granny, the oldest of six, was the first to go to college in our family. She attended Alabama State University and went on to inspire several more generations of our family to attend and graduate college. May 6-10, marks Teacher Appreciation Week, but we should celebrate teachers daily! Join us in Thanking A Teacher! 🍎✨

Quinta Brunson's "Abbott Elementary" has so many people, especially educators feeling seen and heard. My own family members, many of which are educators, often express that they have experienced similar conditions and situations throughout their careers. What I love about Abbott Elementary is that Quinta created it after her own teacher, Ms. Abbott, check out her Instagram here and the cutest interview between Quinta and Ms. Abbott.

While in law school, I moderated a panel on Critical Race Theory in education. I shared my own story of being raised by educators in the South. I then asked for the speakers to tell us where their people are from, where they are from, and who their favorite teacher is? This conversation allowed for everyone to share stories of teachers who'd impacted their lives. It was so powerful. Who were some teachers that have really impacted your life?

I have always struggled to fit in. I often found myself on the outside looking in from many already established friend groups or just not quite finding my people. Throughout my life, I am grateful to have teachers, coaches, and mentors who have loved on me and empowered me to be me no matter what. Many of those same teachers, coaches, and mentors still support me until this day! ❤️ These are just a handful of the women who have impacted my life.

Teacher Appreciation Week should be every week. With all the changes we've endured in the past few years, it is a great time to show gratitude to the people who are shaping the lives, daily. Many are underpaid, under resourced, and undervalued, but we can work collectively to show love and support our educators!

Make sure to #ThankATeacher this week and every week!

With love,

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