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Los Angeles Diaries: Day 2. 🏝

The first day in Los Angeles was awesome! Read more about my LA vacation on the last few posts! My sister-friends and I grabbed our tea cups and soaked in all the sun.Waking up, walking out to our patio and enjoying the California weather was everything! ✨Here is my Los Angeles Diaries: Day 2! 💋

After our morning sun-bathe session, we got all dressed up to go to brunch in Hollywood at The Breakfast Club! If you have been with the blog for a while, or know me in real life, I am a super planner. Before we came on the trip, I created a note document with links to several different places. Here is a screenshot of our list, shared with all of us, so we could add in links and places that we wanted to check out on our trip!

The Breakfast Club was so cute and was definitely an Instagram worthy place! The staff was extremely friendly to us and allowed us to get photos and videos all over the building, even on the roof, where they have these birdcages. All I could think of was "I know why the caged bird sings."

The food was also really good! We got a round of margaritas, and then followed with mimosas (because was it brunch if you didn't have mimosas?). We split some french toast, which were so fluffy and crispy. I got the Impossible burger which is a staple when traveling while vegan. They also have these crispy potatoes, that were sooo good. After we finished eating, we had a photoshoot! Check us out! 📸

Once we left The Breakfast Club we were so full and decided to hop on the Bird scooters and went for a stroll in Hollywood. Sign up with Bird and use code Q4K8EZ to get a free ride! Once we got to the Hollywood walk of stars, we had to stop our scooters, because it was a no riding zone lol. We had a ball looking at some of our favorites on the walk and took pictures with many of the stars!

We watched the sunset and rode around the city for a few more hours. We even were able to see a movie/show being filmed and walked right through the set. After we'd walked around Hollywood for a while, we headed back to our Airbnb! What a day! ✨

With love,

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