Twenty-Four Things That Give Me Joy. ✨

Updated: Jan 21

I celebrated my twenty-fourth birthday last month! I literally cannot believe it and I am so grateful! Strap in, this post is a bit lengthy, but there are some subheaders, so feel free to jump around! My mommy, who is also my birthday twin, always laughs at how over the top I am about my birthday. I really love to celebrate the day I was born, I mean duh! This blog post, is not only the birthday edition, but the joy edition! ✨What brings you joy? Check out some of the responses over on our Instagram page!

Here are twenty-four things that bring me joy:

Dressing Up. Most people describe my closet as being full of "costumes." I have always loved "over-the-top"/maximalist style, but have always tried to tone it down, but now that I am stepping into my me-ness, y'all gone see this glamour! 💋