Black Dollar$ Matter.

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

I find so much power in being able to buy products that are for us, by us. From clothing and apparel to web development and feminine products. Buying Black is what keeps us going. By supporting a Black-owned business, not only are we able to shop and produce locally, but we are able to build and engage with our people. 🤎

I know you’ve been hearing a lot about natural products over the last couple of months, it’s the latest rave of living our best lives while also being a little kinder to ourselves and the Earth. You’re wondering if it’s really your solution to ridding your body of toxins like aluminum, parabens, and Triclosan, while also keeping you fresh and not having to reapply. Read on to find out if it’s right for you. 👀

I had been trying all kinds of natural deodorants, and let's just say... I quickly went back to the products that contained things that were not so good for my body. I'd been trying to be very intentional about the types of products I use, as many contained things that were doing my body more bad than good.

I was first introduced to Play Pits at the Essence Holiday Marketplace, which was a three-day summit focused on Black entrepreneurship and partnered with Target. I was walking vendor by vendor and saw a natural deodorant vendor by the name of Play Pits. The salesperson shared her story on how she began using the product and also told of how Play Pits came about and I was like wow, need that...sign me up. Read more on their story here. The deodorants come in several different scents, I purchased Sonshine and Happy. I was always searching for a product that was good for me, didn't require reapplication, and did not turn me into a walking onion.

Play Pits is Black-owned, organic, and affordable. They have a line for the whole family and are interchangeable! I have been using their product for years now and am still very satisfied with the results, make the switch today!

But wait...there's more!

For about three to four months I have been personally reviewing The Honey Pot Co. I had been introduced to them at the same event, and my cousins raved about their experiences with their products, and they were Black-owned! They talked about the herbal infused pads and the bath bombs, and how much they liked the washes! I found out about their body balm for pain and aches, as well as their plant-based tampons, pads, and organic feminine wipes! Ok, I might be obsessed, which is why this week's episode of racist shit white people do personally funded the Black Dollar$ Matter fund, thanks. After whites saw Black Girl Magic on a Target ad and left negative reviews, sales increased over 50% for the Black Feminine Hygiene Company.