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Los Angeles Diaries: Day 1.✨

My love for travel started when I was a child, as my mom made sure to expose me to travel both domestically and internationally. When I was about 7 years old, my parents and I went to Los Angeles. I remember the tall palm trees that lined the streets, "Summertime" playing in our rental car, and our trip to DisneyLand, where I got a Belle dress and wore it through the park, I was living! 🥰✨

Image of my luggage.
Pictured is my carry-on weekender, it is Black-female owned and made.

One of the reasons that I created this platform was to share my stories and experiences with the world. I am so grateful to all the FBG community for always pushing me and encouraging me to keep going and to keep sharing, even when I'm afraid to. I hope that by sharing these stories, you will feel empowered to, as my Mess bag says, "Put your shit in your bag and just go." #BlackGirlsTravel Welcome to my Los Angeles Diaries!

Day 1: I flew out from New Orleans to Los Angeles on a 6 am flight. I would be in the city by the start of the day in LA! I'd driven to New Orleans from Baton Rouge and stayed with friend the night before so that I could make it to my flight on time! #Community I'd managed to braid my hair, pack all my clothes, study, and pack up what I needed to still fulfil my obligations as both a student and a full-time entrepreneur. So this meant packing a few needed notebooks, devotional, pens, a tripod (AKA the producer), my Polaroid, my laptop, and my IPad. I'm a whole team. Chile, see a part of the process over on my TikTok, as I braid my hair, mere days before the trip! 😂 It definitely gave though!

I made it to the airport with no issues, parked at the overpriced airport parking deck, checked in my bag, and headed to my gate! Is it me or does security feel like a marathon every time? Whew, I'm still catching my breath just thinking about it. On the plane, I re-watched two must-see films, Lady Sings the Blues and Paris is Burning. I even still had time to do some review before landing.

Once I landed, I kicked off my trip at Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen! While there, I fangirled over the decor, and all the art that was displayed. I ordered churros, which were awesome and a matcha lemonade! 10/10.

From there, I headed to the first and only Black woman owned dispensary on Crenshaw, Gorilla Rx Wellness. Their inventory was filled with a variety of products, and even had many Black owned and women owned cannabis products. Read more about Gorilla Rx Wellness here, and consider stopping in! Tour coming soon over on my TikTok! After my full tour of Gorilla Rx Wellness and help from their awesome budtenders, I headed to check-in at my Airbnb.

Since I arrived early, because of a midterm I had that day, I got settled in, checked some emails, did some review for my midterm, and hopped on the Speak Your Way to Cash Challenge. I love the work from anywhere life, because I am actively able to build the life of my dreams while simultaneously living it! I ordered my favorite, Chipotle, on Doordash and got set up for my midterm. I did a few breathing exercises, took my time, and trusted that I was prepared.

Once my midterm was finished, we did a few more airport pick-ups, and grabbed some dinner at Monty's! Monty's was so good! It was a plant-based burger joint, and even had plant-based milkshakes, which I had to have! I got the salted caramel milkshake, which did not hold back on the flavor! The staff was super friendly, and went out of their way to accommodate us! I will definitely be back and with more friends! 🍔🍟

That wraps up Day 1! I will be uploading video footage here and on my TikTok! Be sure to join our mailing list so you don't miss a post! 💋

With love, from California!

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