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Love Yourself Radically, 
and Transform Your Community at the Same Damn Time. 

White font that says, "Welcome" and "For Black Girls Who Have A Lot to Say."
A Note from Our Founder

For years, I’d always wanted to share my passions of media, my people, and storytelling. I wanted to create a space where we could not only rant and talk shit but also inform and empower one another through storytelling and power building.

IToldYaSo Media was inspired by the people who raised me, who motivated me, and empowered me to use my voice. It came from my friends who have always valued what I have to say and encouraged me to talk my shit. We are a safe space for all Black and Brown folks, non-binary and LGBTQ+ people. Welcome to the movement, y'all! 

Image is a summary of why Teryn started this blog/platform.





Image reads Register to Rock the Vote.
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