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Do We Talk About “He Has Made?”

As a believer, I have often heard and recited Psalm 118:24, “This is the day that the Lord has made…” and sang the song “He has made me glad." I love a word, the word and words, period, so when this hit me I had to share. I wondered why we say “has made” instead of just “made.”

What I found when I looked was, “has made” is the present perfect tense, used to denote an action that took place at an indefinite time in the past or that began in the past and continues to the present. So when we say, “He has made me glad,” we affirm that at some point in the past God did just that and He continues to do it in the present. He perfects the present with what He has done. #Amen

This may seem elementary to you, my dear, but this revelation came to me while I was searching. I recently graduated nursing school. I should’ve been bursting at the seams but on graduation day and even after my pinning ceremony, I did not feel thrilled. I had assignments and work right up to the day of graduation. Trying to prepare for the end of something I was still very much wrapped up in was overwhelming. When I finally reached the day, I was honestly ready to get it over with. It was anticlimactic and I felt robbed.

Getting to that moment had taken so much of my life, time and energy. I had cried for it, prayed for it, over and over. I was supposed to feel something. Not just pride or relief, but an equal amount of the overwhelming emotion I had endured the last two years. People around me kept asking me how I felt and why I wasn’t more excited and I explained to them I was still in survival mode and that I couldn’t relax because I hadn’t taken boards. I had graduated, but I wasn’t technically an RN, yet. I was so focused on the future, stressed about what hadn’t happened, that I missed it. I missed the rejoicing because I wasn’t in the present.

My prayer for you is that when you get to that day: the day that you worked and prayed for, the day you didn’t think would come, the day you dreamed about, that perfect present day, that you will be glad in it. ✨

Yours in Love, 💋

Koya Moore

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Koya Moore

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