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*cue in the healing bowls*

I recently fell in love with yoga, the challenging but rewarding practice is full of benefits from decreased feelings of anxiety and depression, to flexibility and increased libido. Yoga is a spiritual discipline, which focuses on breath control and meditation. It requires deep focus, and its many variations of poses produce feelings of relaxation and peace. 

In the past few years, yoga and meditation have become increasingly popular in the Black community. As of recent, more #Blackyogi’s are finding their place in mainstream yoga and can be seen featured in publications like the Yoga Journal. I recently learned that both Eartha Kitt (pictured above) and Rosa Parks were yogis. #blackgirlmagic

Yoga can seem intimidating, but once into your daily routine, it becomes a place of refuge and solace for many. The poses are only a small portion of yoga practice. It has an emphasis on breath control and really helps with getting to a space of confidence and peace. I gain a lot of my inspiration from several hashtags on Instagram that promote yogi’s of color, particularly Black women, you can find lots of different flows (a sequence of yoga poses and breaths), yoga set-ups which can include candles, incense, to yoga mats/towels, and lots of opportunities to join the yogi community in different pose challenges.

What do you need? All you need to begin practicing yoga is about 5-30 minutes of time just for you. Schedule it daily or at least few times a week. Cue up some music, whether you want the sound of nature’s beauty, trap yoga, or your fav neo-soul songs, to set the tone for your you-time. Find a space in your home, go outside, or try an in-studio yoga class to begin your practice.

Once you’ve finished your practice take a few minutes to journal how you felt before/during/after. Thank your body for allowing you to practice and say 2-5 positive affirmations aloud. That’s it!

Get your yoga on 📷 📷


Teryn Denae

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