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10 Ways to Kick Depression's Ass.

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

In life, there are some weird life transitions that are generally just tough to go through. There are experiences and life events that forever shape who we are. There are traumas we experience, and our bodies hold onto those things. I am privileged to have a support system and the resources to learn to cope and learn about life with depression. I am very much invested in the ways that we as Black people can heal and care for ourselves, especially when it comes to our mental health.

Black people do not really talk about depression. Beyond the stigma that "you're too young to be depressed" or the notion that "you're strong," or even being called "crazy" or "different," we all experience mental health issues. We don't really talk about what it looks like in your everyday life, or how it affects your everyday life. From changes in your sleep patterns, appetite, and relationships, depression can really interrupt your ability to do every day tasks like getting out of bed, or basic hygiene practices.

I graduated from college two years ago (wow). While everybody said that life after graduation was weird, it’s one of those things that you have to find out on your own. After graduation, I moved back home to Atlanta to help my parents care for my granny, whose dementia had progressed. I hadn't really known the severity of it until a few months earlier. She became an ancestor that summer. I also didn't have any job offers and I wasn’t going directly to law school. Honestly, I had no plan. It was easy to feel defeated and disappointed, and heartbroken all at the same time.

Life can become overwhelming. You’re literally thrown into adulthood and you’re wondering where the hell the guidebook is. The good news is, no one really knows what they’re doing in life, so that’s a plus!

Life comes at you fast. In August, after months of researching and work, I launched For Black Girls Who Have A Lot to Say! I'd wanted to share my experiences and build a community of Black folks who are also out there trying to figure life out. I started nannying, and a few months later, I got an opportunity to volunteer for Elizabeth Warren at Spelman for the Presidential debates, which were in Atlanta! I got invited to come back the next day to shadow and by the end of the day not only was I at the after-party with the staff, but I was invited on to work for the campaign! #FavorAintFair

After a few months on the campus trail, the campaign ended just as the COVID-19 lockdowns were starting. A year later, with few interactions with friends and family and it feels like a world of trying to figure life out all over again. Here are a few ways to deal with depression.

Here are 10 Ways to Kick Depression's Ass:

  1. Breathe deeply, try four-part breathing, and check out our here.

  2. Write shit down (thoughts, goals, rants, ideas, feelings, stories).

  3. Travel (Covid update: be safe, wear masks, and social distance).

  4. Get more Vitamin D. Studies show that the more sun you get, the happier you are.

  5. Try therapy. I found my therapist on Therapy For Black Girls.

  6. Add more plants to your scenery.

  7. Practice consistent self-care/self-love.

  8. Join a local group or organization (community-building and care feels good).

  9. Dance! What y'all listening to? Follow me on Apple Music and share those playlists!

  10. Give yourself grace, with each moment. Doing your best is enough.

While some days are better than others, really try to be as present as you can at this time in your life. Know that everything will work out exactly when it is supposed to and that there is a plan for you, even when everything feels like chaos. Know that there is the time to explore and to engage, and also time to lean into rest because grind culture will not save us, and lastly, find unexpected moments of joy. Find out more about who you are as an individual but also know that everything will work out. Remember, you got this! ✨

With lots of love 💋,

Teryn Denae

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