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21 Days Vegan 🥑

Ever since Beyonce released her Netflix film, Homecoming, everyone has been joining the 21-day vegan challenge. I, too, have accepted the challenge. 

Veganism is not only good for the body but it saves the earth too! Going vegan means clearing your bodies of meats like beef, pork, chicken, and fish and ridding of dairy products like cheese, ice cream, and milk. You’re probably wondering, well what am I to eat… grass. Well, yes, I’m kidding. A vegan diet is filled with lots of proteins and nutrients found in products made of soy, wheat, and other plant-based foods. 

For months I have been considering going fully vegetarian and eliminating meats from my diet completely. I am interested in looking at ways that I can eat foods that are both good for me and good to me. I want to eat foods that are locally produced (if possible) and that will lead me to overall wellness. My Black family has a history of diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol as a result of fatty and salt-filled foods, and I want to end that. 

I started my 21-day vegan challenge and read lots of articles and Pinterest feeds on vegan meal plans. I am pescatarian, so my diet already only consisted of fish/seafood, fruits, veggies, and starches. As a cheese lover, finding ways to eat cheese-less foods was concerning for me. I wanted to meal prep and buy on a weekly basis, to cut down on wasting food and money. 

Week one included:

  • Vegan spaghetti w/ vegan ground beef

  • Mashed Sweet potatoes w/ brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg and almond milk

  • Collard greens cooked in an InstantPot

  • Vegan cornbread (Jiffy vegetarian, almond milk, egg substitute)

  • Curry potatoes and rice

If you have any yummy vegan meals, send them my way, desserts are a plus! 📷

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