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7 Ways to Be More Sustainable 🌳

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra and you'll love the products!

Climate change is definitely one of the most urgent issues that we are facing. The effects of climate change result in an increased diagnosis of asthma, fewer swimmable beaches, and hotter temperatures. Over ninety-five percent of climate change is a result of human activity and people around the world are ready to create a more sustainable world for future generations. With some technological advances and a little effort, here are six ways towards a more sustainable life:

  1. Use less water. You can cut down the amount of water you use during everyday tasks like brushing your teeth, washing dishes, and even shaving. 📷 Using less water to do everyday things can be implemented over time, and in the long-run will put more money in your pockets!

  2. Use less plastic. When grocery shopping, try to bring your own reusable grocery bags, which usually are around 99 cents. Keep them handy in your trunk or bag and ask for your groceries to be placed in them. This not only reduces the amount of plastic bags you use but it allows for more items to be packaged too. Finally, buying fewer water bottles and using reusable ones is a great way to reduce plastic usage. If you’re like me, when you clean your room or car you find a million empty water bottles. I purchased a Brita water pitcher and a refillable water bottle to filter the water I drink and use fewer plastic water bottles.

  3. Recycle. 📷Recycling is simply converting waste into a reusable form. You can implement a recycling system for your household, buying separate trash receptacles for different materials, such as paper, plastic, and aluminum. To find recycling centers near you, simply Google “recycling centers near me” and several results should come up. You may even want to call your local utilities and see if recycling is offered and if it is, a recycling bin to your house and make sure to keep up with the pick-up day! 

  4. Reuse. Reusing can be repurposing cups, containers, and even starting your own compost.

  5. Use less energy. Replace your lightbulbs to ones that use less energy (also cuts down on the power bill 📷). Unplug. Unplug devices and/or power them down when they aren’t in use. Designate "no tech" hours, and do other activities like reading, yoga, or even a walk in the neighborhood (with your masks of course).

  6. Eat fewer meats. I know this sounds crazy. About four years ago, I became a pescatarian and my family gave me the side-eye all the time. While I initially began this journey for weight loss, I continued it because of its positive impacts on our earth too. 📷 While “not eating meat” was super weird to my traditional Black family, more of them are getting interested in this diet and even have meals prepared for me when I visit (pre-COVID). Eating fewer meats means less livestock and more trees. If you really want to go all the way, you could cut out animal-based products and foods and go vegan! While this is probably at the extreme end of sustainability, being vegan has really good benefits for both the body and the earth. If you're interested, check out these vegan and organic products from Orgain Clean Nutrition and use my link for money off at no extra cost to you, use code ITOLDYASO.

  7. Grow your own food. Gardening can not only be therapeutic, but it helps you to become more aware of what is actually going into the foods you consume. This rids of the different pesticides and chemicals that can be found in everyday foods and allows for more fruits and veggies to be in your diet. You can grow a garden in just about any place, small apartments, backyards, porches, decks, you name it. Check out my Pinterest boards for gardening ideas, tools, and tricks.

Black, Brown, and Indigenous folks are often left out of environmental justice conversations, but we see it's harmful effect on our communities and our people. As Barack Obama so eloquently put it, "Climate change is no longer some far-off problem; it is happening here, it is happening now." So, take the leap what small effort(s) will you begin to take?

Be kind to our Earth, she's our home,

Teryn Denae

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