HerStory, Our Future: Showing Up for Black Women.

March 21st marked a historic day for Americans, but especially for us as Black women and as law students. For the first time in history, a Black woman would be considered for the position of Supreme Court Justice. I am so happy to collaborate with my sister, Jada, on this series of posts from both of our blogs! Be sure to head on over to Jada Unpublished and subscribe so you can read all about our experience showing up for Black women and keep up with Jada's blog! ✨

Demand Justice, the Black Public Defenders Association, and NBLSA arranged for Black law students to be flown to Washington D.C. for an opportunity to not only meet other public defenders and legal professionals, but to also physically show up for Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson. This would be the Have Her Back: Day of Action!

We started our day off bright and early and rode to New Orleans where we would be flying out from and headed to Washington D.C. We were excited as we were headed to show up for Black women in this very historic way!

This was truly a moment in herstory, and we will forever be changed by this experience. We made headlines from all over, showing our support as Black law students, to the very first Black woman Supreme Court Justice nominee and now Justice Ketanji Brown-Jackson.


In order to go to D.C., we had to write a short essay describing why we should be selected and what it would mean to us. What a heavy question. When I sat down to write the essay, I kept