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Global Citizenship 101

For so long, Black people didn't have access or the ability to travel outside of their hometowns, yet along the country. Now more than ever, I am seeing my people see the world. Some of the top destinations for Black people in 2019 included Ghana, Belize, and the UAE.

As I created a new vision board a few months ago, two words stuck out to me, global citizen. A Global Citizen is defined as someone who is aware and understands the world and its complexities. It is someone who takes an active role in implementing change not just for themselves but for generations of other people.

Here are ten steps you can take towards becoming a Global Citizen! 

  1. Educate yourself.

  2. Donate, but research!

  3. Volunteer locally and abroad.

  4. Practice sustainability.

  5. Take an active role in politics, globally.

  6. Buy smart.

  7. Travel.

  8. Research. 

  9. Find your passion areas.

  10. Make friends, globally.

Global citizenship is obtainable, and highly recommended. You are not only able to see the world and all its wonders, but you are also able to experience other cultures, traditions, and learn of others' deep history and roots! So, where are you going next?

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