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ATL to LAX: How to plan the perfect trip. ✈️

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Anyone else get super anxious the day before they fly out? Wondering if you've packed enough outfits, will it fit different once there? Will it be hot? Cold? Am I going to pull an all-nighter?

These are just a few of the thoughts that run through my mind when I prepare to travel. I'd planned this trip to Los Angeles, California a few months back, and planned for a few of my closest friends to come help bring in my twenty-second year. With my friends' school and work schedules and the passing of my granny, I was over it. Of course, I was going to cancel my birthday, that had to be the answer.

Well after I finished with the dramatics of trip planning sorrows, here is how to plan the perfect trip!

1. Choose a location

Where do you want to go? Why? Food? Drinks? Attractions? Casinos? Legal Weed? Beach?

2. Who's coming?

Who will you invite that will be fun, drama free, and have their own fundsss? College taught me this one and the tea is hot, but I'm just gone keep sipping.

3. Make travel plans (accommodations and travel).

Making travel plans can mean finding out where you will stay and how you will get there. This can be a hotel, friends, or an Airbnb. You also want to make sure that you include transportation to and from your destination, and even in between. Make sure to think about how you will get place to place? How much luggage can you carry? Will there be enough space?

4. Plan an itinerary or at least an outline.

While my friends always laugh at me for being super type A, my extensive lists and random fact-telling are always cool to have (to me). I like being able to have lists of important things, like popular brunch spots, dispensaries, and tourist spots. I get lots of ideas and advice on Pinterest, where you can find my obsession of creating boards for any occasion. Ignore the typo in dispensary, I am literally cringing.

5. Send out reminders and set deadlines for payments.

This is good for booking Airbnb's, flights, and activities. Knowing in advance when payments are due, help with budgeting, which is our next step.

6. Set a budget.

Setting a budget is it. I like to plan to spend an amount of money and will split it amongst the days that I am there, trying to include travel days too. We out here trying to live our best lives, but we also have to be fiscally responsible. *note to self* I have not been as successful at this, but it is on my list of constant self-improvement.

7. Packing

This is the hardest part for me because I must try on each outfit before it goes into the bag, I call it a fashion show, but all of my friends and family roll their eyes at me. Make sure to pack necessities (clothes, toiletries, and meds). I always try to check the weather before I go somewhere, but always pack an extra denim jacket or sweatshirt just in case.

Carry-on's have become my new favorite, although I haven't quite mastered the art of proper packing yet. I love the many styles and colors of luggage and all the accessories (extra).

8. Travel

My friends and I took on LA in an extended weekend. We secured the bag as soon as we touched down in the city, iykyk. We rode Bird scooters throughout the Santa Monica Pier area, scary but super fun. I instantly knew I should've practiced a little harder on my Razor scooter I had growing up.

We went to many top brunch and lunch places. One of my favorite brunches had bottomless mimosas 🥂 at Sunny Spot. We also had some fast-food Mexican at Rico's Tacos El Tio and YUM! The places were stylish, but LA food just doesn't hit the same as Southern food.

Planning a trip can be stressful as hell. It's constant thinking about whether or not people will come, where you will stay, where you will eat, how will you get there and on and on and on. But amongst the chaos that can be planning and executing a trip, it can also be an adventure for all and you'll have memories for a lifetime. ✨

What have been some of your best trips so far, leave a comment below.

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