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Getting Over the Hump 🐫

Guess what day it is? HUMP Day! 🐫 Is it me or do Wednesday’s come at you fast?! What are some ways you are getting over the hump?

For me, I like to look at my calendar for the rest of the week and take a mental and/or physical note of important things coming up in the next few days. I also like to practice some form of self care on Wednesday’s as a reminder to reset and rest, even in the middle of what usually is a pretty jammed packed week. This can be karaoke, a mask or exfoliating, it can be journaling, doing a necessary chore/cleaning an area of my home, etc. I also like to spend time on TikTok seeing just how many people are living the same life as me. I'm thinking of dropping a weekly TikTok thread, look out for it across our socials.

Images are photos of Teryn in a yellow dress and cowboy boots with a For Black Girls coffee mug in front of and on the couch.

The Comment Section 💻

I use Wednesday to get ready for my next work day😩🙈 lmao but I also spend my Wednesday evenings in the park with my doggy, taking a break from being in the house! And we see you coming with the fits sis 😍😍

Those boots are getting me over the hump today ☺️🖤

I use Wednesday as mid-week self care pick me up. Bubble bath, face mask, some yoga, pleasure readings!

Wednesday's are a good reminder to stop and breathe. I highly recommend doing something to love on yourself, like a home cooked meal, a few extra moments in the bed, or wearing your favorite outfit. What are some ways you are getting over the hump? Talk back to us 👇🏾

With love,

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