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Black Women's History Month.

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

March 1 marks the beginning of Black Women's History Month! 💁🏾‍♀️✨ Girl Trek, a health movement focused on taking back our health one stride at a time, declares this first day Black Women's Appreciation Day! This day, the first of its kind was created to make Black women feel seen, valued, and loved. Follow their socials @GirlTrek to stay updated and use hashtag #ThankBlackWomen.

When I think about what it means to be Black and a woman, I think of beauty, strength, and courage. I think of golden glitter, #BlackGirlMagic, and hand-whipped body butter. I hear the voices of my village and renditions of our favorite songs. I also think of our pain and the passing down of trauma from generation to generation. I think of my granny's health and my mom's and my own. I think of our bodies and their protection or lack thereof. I think of what it means to have and create a Black family and our chances of equitable health because being a Black woman means you can take more pain... right? I think of what it means to live a life of doing things that bring me joy and learning methods of finding happiness even in the midst of a storm. I think of all the Black women before me that took up space and made this world a little bit easier for me. I think of all the little Black girls to come after me, and how they too will find new ways of freedom.

Black women, get ready to shine allll month long. We need selfies, we need girls' brunches, donate to your favorite orgs, volunteer at your local women's shelter, support a small Black-owned business (do one better and let it be female-owned and run!) Get that wax or that fresh set, what about that new outfit you wanted? Women's History Month is the time to celebrate us in all our glory, our ups, our downs, and our in between's. This month's theme is "Valiant Women of the Vote." This year marks the centennial of [white] women gaining the right to vote.

Rock the Vote

For Black Girls Who Have A Lot to Say is serious about highlighting Black women's role in the voting rights movement of then and now. I am excited to serve as an Ambassador for Rock the Vote! I joined the RTV family because I remember how strong their presence was during the 2008 elections. I also want to build collective power in my communities with the resources needed to do so. If you know anything about me and my mom, we are going to get a shirt, or a bag or anything to commemorate pretty much anything. I remember seeing so many Black women, men and kids rocking their Rock the Vote gear. I remember Greeks rocking their colors in the Rock the Vote shirts. 2008 was when I remember how energized we were as a people for Barack Obama's presidential campaign and win! I witnessed mobilization and saw the power of Black Voters in the way that I'd only read about and heard stories of. I was honored to see those who'd fought for our right to vote cast their ballots for a Black man. It was also the first time I attended a political rally. My family proudly went to the Boutwell Auditorium in Birmingham, AL where I remember hearing "All of the Lights" and all around me, the audience was captivated by Obama’s swag and charisma. This primary season, share those "I Voted" Stickers with us, share your voting stories, and make sure to stay tuned to our socials for fun facts, Twitter threads, polls, and cute activities to celebrate us.

Shoutout to Black women just because.

Teryn Denae 💋

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