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The Time to Twerk is NOW! 🤸🏾‍♀️

For as long as I can remember, music, rhythm, and dancing have been a major part of my life. When I was two years old I remember walking around the house singing Whitney Houston's"I Will Always Love You" on a loop! As I grew older and understood how to utilize music as a tool of healing, I began dancing. Although never professionally, I’ve always had a way on the dance floor. As time went on and my dance moves evolved, I became a twerker. Twerking is therapy for me and there are so many benefits to this style of dancing. From the Ivory Coast of Africa to the Bayou bouncing in Louisiana, twerking is a historical, ancestral, and spiritual practice used to heal, release, and activate stress, trauma, and pain.

"Twerking is therapy for me."

In my opinion, the first step in liberating women’s bodies is all in the hips! What lies between them. What we do with them. Who comes out of them! One major reason Black women should twerk unapologetically is because we deserve to. It is our time to reclaim our bodies starting with our hips our thighs and all that lies between them.

Another reason black women should twerk unapologetically is because of the health benefits that comes from loosening up our hips. Over the years our muscles and our hips tighten up causing problems and lower back issues. I recently found this information out during my first visit with a chiropractor. She told me that the reason I was having problems in my lower back was because of the amount of sitting I do at work, and the little stretching I do in life. I’ve been twerking daily since!

Lastly, Black women should twerk unapologetically to heal our root and sacral chakras. By bringing a flow of energy into these areas we ignite activation to the areas. Activation of our root chakras bind us to Mother Gaia, and activation of of sacral chakras bind us to our physical bodies and awakens confidence sensuality.

There are so many reasons why twerking must become a part of your daily routine, but the most important one is self-liberation. You have to twerk for you, your ancestors, and your future bloodline. It’s time to release the trauma of our foremothers that we so preciously hold in our hips and root ourselves in freedom of our bodies. We must also relinquish the societal constraints from our bodies and reclaim ownership of our vessels. Each and every day I focus on liberating my mind, body, and spirit more than they were the day before.

If you are interested in following my journey or joining me on it, feel free to reach me at to schedule some time to chat about your liberation goals.

You can also follow me at @shanise_talia on Twitter, @shanisetaliawilliams on IG, and @houseofelevation on TikTok & IG.


Enjoy Shanise's custom playlist, "Shaking Ass to Keep Sane," featured across our platforms, enjoy! 💋

How are you getting free today! ✨


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