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Dear Black Men,

November 19th marked the International Day of the Man and we couldn't let this day go without sending lots of love to our Black men. With the help of our For Black Girls' social media family, we have crafted a love letter from us to you.

Dear Black Men,

You are strong, intelligent and worthy of love.

You can change generational curses.

You can lead.

You deserve space to express yourself and your emotions.

Start building up and protecting our Black women.

Please learn to love us.

You don’t have to succumb to toxic masculinity, strive to be a good person and not "more of a man."

It's ok to talk about your emotions. You do not have to bottle them in.

You are worthy of love.

You don't have to be who anyone tells you to be or what anyone wants you to be.

Protect us.

It is ok to be vulnerable. Be confident in your emotions and learn to express them.

You are genuinely loved and appreciated. Always know that.

You are the future.

You are capable of anything.

You are appreciated.

You are loved.

You are loved.

You are loved.

From Black Girls (and Boys) with love.

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