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A Radical Self-Love: Good Grief

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Whew! Hi. If you remember from the last post, radical self-love means loving yourself despite. Loving yourself thoroughly and fully and wholly. It is being very intentional about being mindful about how your body is feeling and reacting to those feelings.

Psychology Today describes grief as an emotional experience following a loss of any kind, whether it be a loved one, a job, income, etc. The stages of grief are shock and denial, pain and guilt, anger and bargaining, depression, testing, and acceptance.

This Thanksgiving marked a difficult time for my family and me. Experiencing a holiday or family gathering or just moving through the world is weird while grieving. It affects the way you interact with friends and other loved ones. It affects your ability to get out of bed sometimes and for me, it especially makes me sick to my stomach. But, I made it through and so can you, keep getting up, keep breathing, and keep healing through it.

With the holiday season here, I've been needing to love on myself a little harder, to be a bit more patient, and to speak things that aren't as those they were (Romans 4:17). I seek activities that pour into myself. Pouring into myself looks like limiting my usage of social media. It means taking a nap and spending some time in my room. It means starting vision boards and reading through magazines. It means spending time dreaming and praying and sowing seeds. Whatever activities make you feel good, do them!

While the holidays have been hard, I have had more time to reflect and to be present, mindful, and intentional. I have been on a rollercoaster of emotions and some days are easier than others, but I am comforted in knowing that I am not alone, and neither are you.

Below are "23 Affirmations for Comfort During a Time of Loss" from the

The For Black Girls Family wishes you a very special holiday season and I hope that the time is spent doing things that pour back into you!

Happy Holidays and Happy #FreeFriday!

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