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Chase x ENVSN: Finance Friday's MVP! 🏅✨

I was recently selected as the MVP for Chase x ENVSN's Finance Friday's webinars. Over the course of several weeks, I learned all about my finances and my businesses finances! Each week, I showed up as my authentic self, asked questions, provided feedback, and networked with other minority business owners like me!

Over the course of several weeks, we covered topics from the Principles of Personal Finance, Business 201, Navigating Cash Flow, and Power of Capital. I learned about building a team of trusted board of advisors, building credit (both personal and business), showing up as your authentic self, and telling a story through your brand.

At the end of the webinar series, I felt so empowered to make decisions and plans surrounding my financial moves. As someone whose ministry has never been math, God really has a sense of humor, as I am entrenched in making money moves and money decisions, and I am equipped with the tools and resources to do so. It is also my hope to build generational wealth and to live well and not just survive. I hope to use my influence to serve others and to inspire others to do the same. Without the community, what do we have?

I am excited to continue to grow my business and my knowledge around building generational wealth. Make sure to follow @envsnfest and @Chase and let them know we sent you! 💋

Let's get this money y'all,

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