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Transforming Your Everyday Look: Fun and Creative Ways to Make Every Outfit a Costume

If you know me, I am the overdressed friend. Ever since I was little, I absolutely LOVED a costume. Something about a little tulle, some glitter and sequins, and a fun makeup and hair look really does it for me. During COVID, I became such a loungewear girl that my family did not even recognize me because of how "simple" my look was. Y'all, I had on jeans and a t-shirt and they were literally asking my mom, "where is Teryn?" I could not believe it, but at the same time, I guess they had a point.

Photo of Teryn as a little girl with a red top, denim skirt and red tights.

For me, getting dressed is such a mood booster. Studies show that being intentional about what you wear can boost your mood. Check out these articles by and Good Therapy on the effects of dopamine dressing. Here is how to transform your everyday look into a costume!

1. Pull together some options

My mom, who is also my personal stylist, has always taught me to put a whole look together to include top, bottoms, shoes, accessories, and hair! You want to start with pulling together some pieces for the occasion, being sure to consider temperature, movement, and comfort. Mix and match prints and colors and let yourself be free. I like to lay my outfits on the bed, but if you are fancy and have a free clothes rack, use that so that you can see and pair everything with ease.

Image of burgundy dress and heart shaped earrings

2. Have a fashion show

After I pull together some options, at least a bed full (lol), I try them on, feeling free to mix-and-match tops and bottoms, etc. I also put on my favorite music and clear the floor for a runway to the mirror. I am trying on to look for feel, sizing, temperature, comfort, etc.

3. Narrow it Down

Whew, you may need to take a break at this point. Sometimes, I have to just toss the clothes to the side and take a nap. Once you recover from the production that is styling yourself for a bedroom/living room fashion show, you have to narrow it down. Make a NO and YES pile of what worked and what may work another time. Then, you want to move on to my personal favorite, accessories.

4. Accessorize

One thing about me, I live for an accessory. Give me a ring, necklace, hat, headband, belt, you name it, and I'm going to find a way to incorporate it into my look. I have my everyday jewelry which usually include earrings, a bracelet (or a few), a few rings, or a simple necklace. Then, I have big bold statement pieces, a cool eyeliner design, or custom nails added to add some extra pizazz to a look. Last thing, don't forget the sunglasses. Sunglasses are my way to tie it all together and to achieve a cool and chic look.

5. You Look Good

The best accessory is truly confidence, even when you aren't feeling so confident. I take that back, ESPECIALLY when you aren't feeling so confident. Get in that mirror, hold your head high and tell yourself you look good. Play Victoria Monet's "On My Mama" or Chalie Boy's "I Look Good" and really know that you really do look good!

Follow me on Pinterest where I create look books for all styles and sizes. From all black to all that, I have categorized different looks from "get the shoes" my shoe board to tulle and feathers. Head on over to my TikTok to watch my "fashion shows" and get an exclusive look at the process to transforming everyday fits to costumes!

With style and grace,

Image of teryn's signature with red lips


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