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Giveaway but make it Social Action.

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

In the spirit of voting and dope ass apparel to match, For Black Girls Who Have A Lot to Say is doing a giveaway!

I’m a voter because the Black women that raised me are voters. For me, voting is not only my right, but it’s my civic duty. Voting allows for me to have a say on who my local and national elected officials are, voting decides what our money go towards (education, healthcare, traffic lights, roads).

By using my vote, I give myself a seat at the table. I do my own research on candidates, policies, and practices. I don’t believe there is a perfect candidate, but I do believe a choice must be made and that it should reflect the things you believe in and fight for/against (criminal justice reform, environmental justice, Black women’s health, student debt).

Many Black and Brown folks already knew what life was like here in America, with some living just above poverty and many in poverty. If you're at home practicing social distancing, you'll realize more than ever the power of the community. I am very proud to watch as our people organize homeschool lesson plans, meal distribution, wellness tips and are holding elected officials on every level accountable for getting us the resources we need. With each day we are witnessing more live streams, from the iconic Debbie Allen's dance classes to our favorite musicians performing live from their homes to makeup tutorials and online coaching and courses.

To enter into this giveaway you must:

  • Be a subscriber to

  • Share this post.

  • Tag three friends that are proud voters on any of our social media accounts!

Our giveaway will include:

A crewneck sweatshirt from @BlackFuturesLab x @Phenomenal, a For Black Girls Sticker Pack and a button. Winners will be announced, via our Instagram on Wednesday, March 25, 2020!

Share your voting stories with us, what was your first experience with voting? What election was your first election voting? Send your videos to our dm so we can share your story with others!

In Power, ✊🏾

Teryn Denae

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