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2020: New Year, New-ish Intentions.

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

The new year is always an exciting time. It is a time of new beginnings, goal setting, manifesting your dreams, and speaking those things.

The number twenty symbolizes the cycles of completion after a season of waiting. Who all has been waiting for something or believing God to do things bigger than you could ever dream or imagine for yourself? Who else has also gotten tired, frustrated and even lonely? Good, that means that you are human. It means you're alive and going through all the bends and twists that are a part of your journey. Stick with it, even in the hard, dark, and not so glamorous moments.

This year is all about walking like it's already yours, whatever it is for you. Your wellness goals, that new car you wanted, those acceptances, a big move, or even a big chop. It's all yours, write it down, work at it, and watch the rest happen.

While the new year marks the start of something new, it does not mean that old troubles and struggles just dissolve into the air. Two weeks into the new year and the shininess is starting to wear off. It is a bit exhausting to think of all the goals and how to make them all happen. It's also unrealistic and unfair to not allow yourself the time and space to rest, to think and process, and even simply to breathe. Remember, you don't have to do everything now, you don't always have to be busy.

This year, I am being more intentional about the ways I invest my time, my space, and my energy. Or as my mommy says, doing things that bring me joy! I am buying and actually reading new books and other forms of writing because learning never stops. I want to remain open and aware of the experiences of other people, learn and observe the world through someone else's lenses, and doing the self-work to make sure that I am not upholding the systems that hold us back. I am scheduling dates with my friends and working hard to keep those dates because spending time with friends is necessary. My friends have supported me in dark moments (even if they don't know it) and happy moments. Their texts and messages on social media encourage me and often times just allow me to be me or to laugh or to give people the side-eye. I am also learning (kinda) to believe people for who they are when they show me the first time (word to Maya Angelou), but this is sooo hard for me. I am zeroing in on some of my own inner battles of self-image and self-love while working to heal through generations of trauma. I am working to understand that change doesn't happen overnight and that my people are resilient, and that I am resilient.

Whew, so what are some of your 2020 intentions? Drop a comment below or let us know on our Instagram page.

As you keep walking into this new year of 2020, walk like it's yours because it is, even in the rocky moments. Be intentional, be patient, and always be you.


Teryn Denae

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Jan 16, 2020

Yesss ✨ you got it!!


Be consistent with self-care practices and be intentional with my actions.

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