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Drink that H20. 💦

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Hey y'all! This is your daily reminder to drink that water. 😉💦 One way to care for yourself and your body is by staying hydrated!

Water helps our bodies to function. With this summer expected to be extremely hot, you want to be sure to stay hydrated. Southern states have already had 90+ degree weather! On the West Coast, some are seeing weather in the 100's. Whew! 😅 Check out some tips on staying cool, hydrated, and caring for yourself in this heat here. Water helps to regulate body temperature, aids in digestion, flushes out the body, and so many other benefits! 💦

What are your favorite ways you get your water in? I enjoy keeping a water bottle nearby, in a bag, on my desk, everywhere. I also love Vitamin Water, because sometimes you need a little razzle dazzle! Let us know in the comments, how do you stay hydrated! 💦

The Comment Section 💻

@itoldyaso_ *grabs my water bottle* brb

@dr.ks.healthminute Thank you for sharing!

Stay hydrated y'all, 🥤

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