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How To Achieve a Silk-Press @ Home 💁🏾‍♀️✨

It's officially silk-press season! 💁🏾‍♀️✨ I don't know about you, but I love a good silk press. As soon as the temperature gets cool enough where I feel my hair can last a few days, you can find me in my bathroom hair salon, getting this hair nice and silky.

I have been doing my hair for years, whether it's braids, silk presses, curly styles, you name it, I will give it a try. Over the years, I have also learned to listen to what my hair, affectionately named Sunshine, needs, whether that is more moisture, deep conditioning, or even a good trim.

Here are steps to achieve a silk-press @ home:

Step #1: Shampoo and Deep Condition

The best way to achieve a good silk press is to take time to properly shampoo and condition your hair prior to styling it. In the video below, you can see me using a pre-shampoo by @AfricanPride. This pre-shampoo is awesome after a protective style or if your hair is in need of some moisture and a little extra loving. Next, you will want to lather and rinse until your hair literally squeaks. Then, rinse your hair until the stream of water turns clear with no suds remaining.

Next, you will want to apply a conditioner. The bottle usually suggests a dime size, but girl bye, apply a generous amount, pay special attention to the scalp and ends. I take the time to detangle after I have applied conditioner. Then, using a wide-tooth comb, I start from the bottom of the hair up until I reach the roots, combing gently but firmly. This is more manageable if separated into sections. Finally, after letting the conditioner sit for a while, with a shower cap, you will rinse with cool water, to really seal in that moisture and conditioner.

Step #2: Separate into Four Sections + Detangle

Detangling your hair is more manageable if separated into sections. I like to use four sections, and then I make split each section up into smaller parts. This allows for me to comb through my hair thoroughly without putting too much tension on the roots.

Step #3: Apply a Heat Protectant + Blow-dry

Once you have your hair separated, you will want to apply a heat protectant. I like Design Essentials heat protectant and the beauty supply heat protectant that comes in a black bottle. I apply a generous amount to each section right as I am about to blow dry it. I take a section and break it into about three parts to ensure that my scalp is dried, my hair is dry, and I have achieved fully stretched and blown out hair.

Step #4: Gather Your Supplies

Whew, after those steps, I usually take a little break to gather some supplies. You will need clips, combs, and your hot tool of choice. I will be using EAP Heat's red 1" flat iron.

Step #5: Flat-Iron in Small Sections

The smaller the section, the better the press.Separate your hair into four sections. I like to start with the back sections. I take one of the back sections and section it off into an even smaller section. I then repeat this process, row by row, until the section is finished.

After I have completed a full section, I clip my hair out of the way and move on to the next section. I repeat the exact same process until I have finished each of the four sections. This process usually takes me about 30-40 minutes.

Step #6: Add Curls/Body

After you run through your entire head with the flat iron, section by section, you'll want to add some body to the hair. I like to separate my hair, again, into the four sections and add curls with a flat-iron or hot tool of choice, section by section until my entire head is curled.

Step #7: Style it, Wrap it, or Roll it

Now that you have flat-ironed and added some body to your hair, you can style it and get ready for an outing or take some cute selfies of your silky hair. You can also wrap your hair using bobby pins, duck clips, or a scarf to add body and preserve the style. Finally, you can roll your hair with pin curls, flexi rod (my personal favorite) or sponge rollers.

Step #8: Protect It

I don't know about y'all, but a scarf + bonnet combo is a must to protect your hair at night. Growing up and even now, if my mom sees me laying down without my hair protected, she instantly starts fussing. Even my boyfriend knows that the bonnet is a part of my nighttime routine and I love that for me. While I have an old faithful bonnet that stays on most of the time, I never can get my scarves to stay on. I guess you win some and you lose some. Drop your favorite bonnets and scarves below, bonus points if its Black owned.

Materials Needed:

  • silk scarf

  • bonnet

  • silk pillow

Step #9: Capture the Moment ✨

There's nothing like a good silky silk press, honorable mention to a fresh trim + silk press!

I recently moved out of the South and chile, the weather has been everything. I even got to kick off my silk press season earlier than usual (amen)! Once you achieve that silk press, please, capture the moment!

Step #10: Take Note

After you have completed steps 1-9, take note of what products worked well with this style and how long you can get the silk press to last. Notice how your scalp feels. You will also want to note, which scarf combo works best for you. Chile, with this weather, you never know how long a silk press will last, especially on natural hair, but keep practicing, it will get better.

Happy silk press season, y'all,

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Jada Haynes
Jada Haynes
Sep 20, 2023

Okay okay let me get this right!

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